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Junkyard Races          


The Junkyard has been turned into a racing track, by ‘The Race-Kart Crew’, a team of 8 speedster enthusiasts. They have built their own racing karts and invented some crazy gadgets and traps made from junk found in the Junkyard. Take on the role of one of the crew to create the fastest, meanest racing kart in the Junkyard. Use your creativity to outwit your opponents, roll bombs, release missiles,
lay down hidden traps, all while speeding through mud and grass and jumping over collapsed bridges.
The object:
Be the first to complete 5 laps of this mad and hazardous Junkyard to win the race.
Sounds dangerous? Sounds crazy? Sounds like a challenge!
1 double sided board
8 karts
15 dices
16 cards
48 flag counters
80 tokens
100 tiles
Rules book


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